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Summer 2014, Eriksson/Jacobsson premiered on a new programme, which included music composed in Paris in the 18th century and music from the north of Skåne. The duo has worked onsite in Paris during May 2014 thanks to recidence at the Swedish Institute. Part of this music was performed at the summer tour 2014. The whole programme "Franska Tak" is a collaboration with the visual storyteller Bjarke Stenbaek.


With the programme "A travel on two violins" the duo Eriksson/Jacobsson had their first tour in spring and summer 2012 with about 15 concerts around Sweden. The music is collected from the early baroque era until today. In the programme the audience will hear two duo works from the 17th century composer Vierdanck, "Gulliver Suite" by the great composer G.P. Telemann and also folk music - old tunes from the south of Sweden as well as new compositions by the master fiddler Richard Näslin. The concert is full of storytelling around the music and its background.